Strategic Partnerships


International Milk Bank is strengthened through strategic partnerships
with innovative, industry-leading companies.


These companies have partnered with International Milk Bank to provide specific products or services that enables IMB to fulfill its mission and vision. We recognize that strategic partnerships create value for our customers, our investors and our employees. Together with our partners, we build stronger services and products to benefit you.

International Milk Bank

Strategic Partners

Only The Breast

Only The Breast was created in 2009 as the first-of-its-kind service to meet the needs of mothers who want to connect and provide breast milk for babies — premature and full-term infants as wells as those with physical challenges.

Today, works with three times more donors than all competing milk banks combined. It consistently wins high praise from mothers who want only the best for their babies. They return often to, too, for useful tips and information on breastfeeding.

The mother-oriented experience of Only The Breast provides an invaluable basis to International Milk Bank as it works exclusively with IMB to provide humanity with a reliable, safe, and abundant source of human milk.

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Clean Room
Management Associates

A pioneer in the development and implementation of standards for clean and aseptic industrial environments that advises International Milk Bank on the development and operation of highly sterile processing facilities that meet the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s stringent Current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations.

Clean Room Management Associates was created in 1976 to provide benchmarking, training, and auditing of clean rooms and controlled environments. The company has been in the forefront of the development of clean room sanitation protocols for more than 35 years. Its staff has trained more than 800,000 professional worldwide and is highly respected and called upon throughout the industry. With the highest quality of standards in the Industry, International Milk Bank draws on the expertise, relationships, and knowledge to ensure that our human milk products meet or exceed the highest standards worldwide processed in a Certified Industrial CGMP facility that will set the new standards for Human milk processing.

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Easy Swirl

Easy Swirl LLC,  the creator of patented technology that simplifies the blending of liquids inside a container, has joined with International Milk Bank to provide easy mixing of bottled human milk. The revolutionary design developed by Easy Swirl allow users to stir liquids with a simple swirl of the hand.

Since its introduction in 2014, Easy Swirl has drawn attention from manufacturers worldwide. International Milk Bank is proud to be among the first to introduce this exciting innovation to users of its bottled milk products.

Together this product matched with our Standardized Human milk, will keep milk and their components at the highest of quality delivered safely to your infant.

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