Only the Breast




Only The Breast was created in 2009 as the first-of-its-kind service to meet the needs of mothers who want to connect and provide breast milk for babies — premature and full-term infants as wells as those with physical challenges.


Now the pioneering online milk bank is playing a bigger role in overcoming the worldwide shortage of breast milk as a significant strategic partner of International Milk Bank as an exclusive supplier. works with three times more donors than all competing milk banks combined. It consistently wins high praise from mothers who want only the best for their babies. They return often to, too, for useful tips and information on breastfeeding.


It’s clear that no one but another mom could bring the depth of understanding that’s the cornerstone of Only The Breast.

Chelly Snow, who breastfed her healthy, happy and energetic daughter, discovered a large demand for mothers who wanted to buy and sell their breast milk. But she found, too, that the only venues available were blogs that required moms to post too much of their personal information online.


Working with her husband, Glenn, an experienced Web developer, Chelly created

“We believe that if one mom has extra breast milk and another does not have enough there should be a place for them to connect that is clean, safe and private,” she says., a non-feed membership-based marketplace, has met that need for thousands of mothers and children.

And it’s provided an opportunity for mothers to stay at home with their babies as they earn income from the sale of their breast milk.

That’s opened the door to thousands of women to begin providing their breast milk to other families who are unable to provide the benefits of human milk for their own infants.

Now the mother-oriented experience of Only The Breast provides an invaluable knowledge and experience to International Milk Bank as it works to provide humanity with a reliable, safe, and abundant source of human milk.

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