Glenn Snow

Chief Executive Officer

Glenn Snow brings a decade of experience as a results-oriented visionary to his role as chief executive officer and president of International Milk Bank.As a husband and father, he worked with his wife to create in 2009. It’s a first-of-its-kind service that successfully meets the needs of mothers who want to connect and provide breast milk for babies — premature and full-term infants as wells as those with physical challenges. today works with three times more donors than all competing milk banks combined.

That experience provided the foundation for International Milk Bank, founded by Mr. Snow to end the shortage of human milk, save lives and meet the needs of mothers who want to make a difference to infants around the world.

Mr. Snow is a recognized expert in the safe and sterile processing of breast milk, the development of systems to reimburse mothers for their breast milk, and the creation of a distribution system that meets the needs of hospitals and research facilities.

International Milk Bank draws upon his heart as well as his experience and skills as it meets the growing need of babies worldwide.