easy swirl


International Milk Bank is proud to be among the first companies in the world to use an innovative, environmentally friendly new technology to provide easy mixing of its bottled human milk products.


Most important, the patented technology developed by Easy Swirl LLC, one of International Milk Bank’s strategic partners, makes life easier for moms, nurses in neonatal intensive care units and all those who use International Milk Bank products.

The Easy Swirl system relies on a small fin placed inside each bottle of International Milk Bank products. The fin is engineered to leverage centrifugal force to mix the breast milk and it’s curved design ensures that no bubbles are created during the mixing process.


Here’s the part that makes Easy Swirl easy: Users can place a bottle from International Milk Bank on a table or other flat surface and swirl it for a few seconds, using only one hand. Imagine much that’s welcomed by a mom or a nurse who’s holding an infant in the other hand!

The use of the Easy Swirl system also ensures sterile delivery and complete mixing of donated high-fat mother’s milk for premature and other babies in need for healthy, rapid weight gain.

It’s an environmentally friendly solution because it eliminates the need for wooden or plastic stir sticks that end up in landfills or the world’s oceans.


Easy Swirl was developed by Michael Spray, an experienced inventor who was mildly annoyed by all the disposable stir-sticks he found himself using. Devoting many months to research, he developed the patented Easy Swirl system.

Since its introduction in 2014, Easy Swirl has drawn attention from manufacturers around the world who are considering its use in dozen of products.

But International Milk Bank, known for its adoption of best-of-class technology to improve the lives of its customers, stood at the first of the line to establish a strategic partnership and introduce Easy Swirl.