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At IMB, we firmly believe that open and honest communication, combined with good corporate governance, builds and maintains public trust. Here we provide a broad range of material that will help you learn about us, our strategy and our progress.


These materials include:

  • Information about our corporate goals, our strategy, and our business operations;
  • Biographies of our leadership team; and
  • Press releases, media coverage and other background.


Our employees, executive leadership, advisors and Board of Directors are united by a shared vision and shared values. We are dedicated to improving the lives of the world’s infants and their families. We are committed to providing high-quality breast milk that is safe and efficacious; achieving excellence in all we do while maintaining the highest levels of integrity; and treating mothers, clinicians, investors and one other with dignity and respect. Our policies and practices have been crafted to ensure that these values are continuously upheld at all levels of our company.


We believe this will lead to sustainable economic success and enduring shareholder value.


Our Investor Information Center is designed to keep you informed of material developments at our Company and to provide transparency into our business operations. We are committed to providing excellent service to our shareholders and to the global investment community. To that end, we encourage you to share your questions and comments with us.


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